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How to play League of Legends in a very efficient way?

League of Legends is a popular multiplayer game. If you would like to play the game in a very efficient way, you should be aware of the rules and regulations. There are players who were banned or warned. The tips and tricks offered by experts will help you win the championship in the best possible way.

More about the game

There are various reasons to play the game. If you are playing for fun, you can play normal game. On the other hand, you should be ranked to play like a professional. If you go through the link, https://www.facebook.com/leagueoflegends/ you can understand about the game and will emerge victorious by being informed about terms and conditions very efficiently.

Behaviour tips

League of Legends is a MOBA where you play with other players, so your behaviour is very important factor as in other MMO game. We all want to win, but if your team mate done something wrong, do not blame him. Try to encourage him, because next 20-40 minutes you will play with him in one team.


In 5 v 5 soloque, 40% of your team gets troll and 50% enemy get the troll. The troll obtained by you is 10%. You should prefer duo queue as it will give a chance that the enemy has a bad team and you don’t have the same bad team. You should learn to play all lanes and you should synergize with your team so that you will be victorious.

You should report about toxic players and move to the next game. Even though you lose normally, there will not be any loss. You will be outplayed when you are ranked. There will be troll in the game and the raging will not make it go away. You should accept it so that you can move on.


You should not crave for reports. They will be shared with you automatically. By being quiet and calm, your position will be conveyed prominently. The information about the toxic person can be shared after the end of the game. The troubling person will get justice.

Report Window LoL

Casual gamers can go for custom, aram, dominion and tt. If you are playing soloque, there will not be any benefit with antimeta games in ranked position. You should not be selfish in playing antimeta games. You will have premades if you play normals. Thus, you will not want to bother others and there will be fulfilling experience.

Advice and leadership

To enhance survivability, it should be done to enhance team prospects. You will want to win the game as well as have fun. It is very much important to get advice from skilled players. There are many players who turn to towers and die over there. Instead of learning from the experience and failures, you should learn from mistakes.

Leadership Lol

There are some stunts which will not deliver goods in the game. You should avoid those steps so that there will be safe progress in the game. https://pvplive.net/h/league-of-legends/ presents comprehensive information about the game, League of Legends so that you can play the game very efficiently and improve chances without fail.

You should explore best options to win the game. The winning potential should be assessed and steps should be taken towards that direction. The kills, deaths and assists should be focused in this context. Even though these numbers will give an idea about the performance of the player, there should be focus on the amount of destruction managed by skilful articulation.

The kills figure will increase if you manage to last hit someone down. Your deaths are counted when you are hit by others. The assistance provided by you on last hits will be accounted for assists. There are infamous players who are concerned about the KDA stats only. Hence, instead of focusing on these numbers, you should devise best strategy to win the game.

You should not pose a leader. On the other hand, there will be better results by playing the role of a team member. The strategies should be discussed so that you will be able to implement the most efficient method to resolve the issue. Instead of teaching others, you should focus on learning from others so that you can make great progress in the game.

You should play the game safely and present at the back so that there will not be any issues. While supporting a bad adc, the movement should be followed very closely. You should take steps to improve the condition so that there will not be any issues.

There will be bad ad will be presented on daily basis. It is easy to win when you are ‘adc’ ranked. When you go to mid/jungle there will be great relaxation. You will not experience any boring moments.

Ingame moments

As any other game, League of Legends have a lot of cool mechanics, and you need to know as many of them, as it possible for you. The more mechanics you know, the better you will play! So let’s highlight the most important ans basic of them.

Know your lane

When you are participating ‘League of Legend’, you should be aware of the lane. When you are aware of the best lane and worst lane, there will be awareness about your strengths and weaknesses. The game can be played in the best possible way without any issues.

When you play the game with better cooperation from team members, you will move to the desired level very easily. You should master your skills so that you will be in an advantageous position at some part of the lane.

LoL lines Summoner rift

The ping system should not be abused while playing the game. If you are offering help, you should type text so that everyone will understand your motives. If there is need of gank, the ‘assist me ping’ can be used. By using danger ping, you can convey a warning message to your teammates. When you use V ping, you will inform your teams to disengage and they will turn back. You should understand the fact that the jungler will not be available always to rescue you when you miss the lane. The simple ‘assist me’ ping will convey message to the jungler that you are waiting for assistance. The smart ping system can be used very efficiently so that you will remain in an advantageous position.

The kid’s tantrum should not lose the game for you. Even though a 12 year old will convey thanks, there will not be any difference in your game. If you would like to avoid those distracting message, you should want to disable the chat. When you disable the chat, there will be absolute focus on the game and available resources can be used in the most efficient way.


Even though it is not possible to win the game always, you should focus to improve the skill so that there will be great fulfillment. As the game should be played along-with team members, there should be focus on the lane. You should strive to make progress in the game on a continuous basis. Even though you are failing hard in the current game, the chances are bright that you will win the next game without any issues.

When you are failing hard, you should make use of the ‘assist me’ ping so that prompt assistance will be provided by your team members. They will help you start the lane for you. If you get GP10 items, the lane can be stalled in very efficient way. if you die two times, you will become prey to your opponent. If you lost your lane, there should be two people to gank you so that you will be effective in the game.

When you are playing soloqueue, it is very important to keep focus on the game. If there is no voic, it is not possible to rely on your team members. You should be lucky enough when you convey information through pings. You should keep close watch on teams that have endgame champions.

Map vision

The minimap will help you use the pin system in the best possible way. when you are in soloqueue, you might not be supported by your team. If you initiate 5v3, there is probability that 4 players might walk away. Eventually, the tame turns out to be 1v3.

LoL Minimap

You should train yourself to look at the minimap at every 30 seconds. If you master the look, you can train to look at the minimap at every 15 seconds. The training should be continued further so that there will be a look at the minimap at every 2 seconds.

You can watch out for suspicious empty lanes as they will not be pinged. The minimap should be checked regularly so that you will remain in advantageous position at all times.

Making progress in the game

To make quick progress in the game, you are advised to go through the information presented here. The tips and tricks are shared on social media such as Facebook as well.

You should buy wards to make progress in the game. It can be counted as your fault if you fail to buy wards in the game. You should make it a habit to buy wards so that there will be great fun.

If you would like to stomp your opponent, the knowledge of the opposing champion should be acquired. The champion should be changed in each game and the same character should not be played again and again. As you learn about new champs, you will be able to manage the game in a better way. When you are aware of your enemy’s capability, you can play the game very efficiently.

Competitive games

LoL as any other Mobas have it’s own ranking system. In league of legends it called Elo. The higher your Elo ranking, the bitter division you have. So if you playin in the Bronze division, then you’ll play with toxic and salty peoples more often. I think reasons are clear. Such players only play for fun, and they do not care about his or anybody’s else Elo rank. They lose a lot -> their elo rank is quite low.

This is a really deep pit, from where it is hard to climb up. In LoL’s community this place called like Elo Hell, and if you been here, then you know why they call it like this. But there is one easy way to break through Elohell – Boosting services. Yep this is the easiest way, but you need pay for it.

Boosting services

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