Far Cry 5: All available information

Farcry 5

So, we are slowly approaching the full announcement of the Far Cry 5, which should take place this Friday (May 26).

Far cry 5

In the meantime, Ubisoft has bothered to show us the scenic locations of the Hope County in Montana, in the vastness of which there are clearly not the most pleasant things. And today, developers have published the first image of the main characters of the game.

The Last Supper | FarCry 5 edition

Farcry 5 first image

It is immediately evident that the central antagonist FarCry 5 will be another charismatic leader who, apparently, is obsessed with (his own?) Religion. No wonder the characters are placed in the likeness of “The Last Supper” by Leonardo da Vinci, plus in the background, there is clearly a church, and on the back of the guy on his knees is written “Sinner”.

Among other things, of course, it’s hard not to notice a bunch of modern weapons and airplanes. This means that the Far Cry 5 action will not happen in the Wild West of the century before last, as some thought, but in the northwest of the USA for our (or about that) days.

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