Batman: Return to Arkham remastered

return to arkham remastered

Will dark knight become darker in Remastered?

batman remastered

Finally, release of the Batman: Return to Arkham. That release contains an improved version of Batman: Arkham Asylum (2009) and Batman: Arkham City (2011), with all the addons for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Recently, journalists from portal Eurogamer decided to find out how much better second game will be looking.

New versions have been created not by Rocksteady Studios, but by Virtuos Games, known for remastered of Final Fantasy X / X-2, Heavy Rain, the original Fable and Injustice: Gods Among Us. Since the collection was not released on the PC, many have suggested that the publisher Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment has decided to “tighten” the console graphics to the level of the computer version. Despite the suspicions, differences were found, but not all of them were positive.

Comparing: PC original version vs. PS 4 Remastered



The video compares the version for PlayStation 4, Xbox One with PC version (the latter running on the highest setting). The remaster is based on Unreal Engine 4, whereas the original version used a significantly modified Unreal Engine 3. The developers have improved character models, lighting, as well as increased the resolution of textures and shaders. Detailing of characters costumes in the new versions is significantly higher, and glare at them look more realistic.

return to arkham remastered

In some scenes, the creators have made significant changes with only one change of the sources of illumination location. Thanks to more intensive blur effect neon signs now are brighter, explosions look more realistic , and the light from the fire spread over a greater distance. Reflections on various surfaces have also become more credible, which is especially noticeable during a flight over the city. Virtuos is not just improved models and effects, but also added a brand new location elements (eg, carpets).


Nevertheless, in some aspects, the graphic is deteriorated. For example, in a scene where the hero wears a mask on the PlayStation 4 visible aliasing artifacts, whereas in the original computer version this defect was not detected.

batman return to arkham remastered

It is worth to buy Batman remastered?

According to the journalist, players that never play in that series will certainly be satisfied with the graphics remaster, but those who have already passed the game in the original version, inevitably notice some failed changes. Anyway, publications officer advised to those who are not familiar with these games, firstly run on a PC at maximum settings, and only then make a decision about the purchase.

As for the differences between the versions for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, the first in some aspects superior to the second. Both versions are executed in 1080 resolution. On the Sony console image in most scenes remain close to 1920 × 1080 pixels.

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